WeTolk tariffs

WeTolk works with two cost components: costs of the interpreter and communication costs. Read more on this page or take a look at the example calculations.

WeTolk is not expensive

Costs of the interpreter

Each interpreter determines his own hourly rate. You find it on the profile page of each interpreter. You are charged for the planned duration against this rate. If the session lasts longer than planned the extra time will be charged in the same way

Communication costs

In fact your phone call is a teleconference with three participants. For this conference call € 19,95 per hour will be charged. And € 4,95 for each participants above three. Only actually used time will be charged on a minute base. These costs are indicated with the term conference costs.

If you prefer to be called via Dial-out a surcharge (telephony costs) may be applicable. Whether this is the case and if so, how much the surcharge is depends on the destination.

Note: all rates quoted on this website do not include VAT.

WeTolk is not expensive

What if you cancel your session?

WeTolk - cancelling the session

You can cancel your session without any costs until 24 hours before the planned start. After that point the interpreter may charge the planned time against his hourly rate. The communication costs will never be charged in this case.